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How to Make the Best Printed Marquee for Your Big Business Event?

Consider using a printed marquee to impress your clients and potential customers during a big business event. The printed marquee will stand out even in a big crowd and present you with a very reliable way of promoting your services and products. Printed marquee also provides you with free advertising and helps you promote your brand. However, to achieve all these, you must ensure that you know what to and what to avoid when making your printed marquees.


The Do’s And Don’ts When Printing Your Printed Marquee

When preparing the printed marquee for your big business event, you must ensure everything runs smoothly. This section will cover the things that you need to do and avoid so that you can achieve your preferred results.

  • Go big on your business’ logo

One of the many aims of using your printed marquee is to promote your brand. For this reason, when printing your printed marquee, you need to ensure that the logo on your marquee is outstanding. It should be printed in large font sizes and bold letters. This is to ensure that everyone in the crowd can see your logo even when standing a distance from your printed marquee. When people notice your logo from afar, they will get attracted to it, which will make them come closer so that they can see what you are selling to them. This way, you will be able to promote your brand.

  • Include some attractive colours

Another way of making your printed marquees attractive and appealing during a big business vent is adding some splashing colours to your marquee. However, you should use fewer colours since they will interfere with your theme and make your printed marquee look messy rather than attractive. Consider the theme of your brand and business so that you can choose the colours that will match your theme.

  • Make your branding message short and clear

Your printed marquee should attract as many clients and visitors as possible. Therefore, be very keen on the kind of message that you are putting on your printed marquee. Unfortunately, most people do not have the time to stop walking so that they can read a lengthy message on your printed marquee. Also, when you have a lengthy message, you may need clarification from the people reading it, and they may not get attracted to your brand. Instead, you should keep your brand message as short, clear and intelligent as possible. This kind of message will not only attract people to your printed marquee, but it is also a sign of your professionalism.

  • Be creative and use images

Your printed marquee should be attractive to those you want to engage with. This is why you must take a bold approach when considering what to put on your printed marquee. While most people always use a background colour, contact details and a logo on their printed marquees, you can still be more creative.  You can spice up your printed marquee’s visual aspect as you incorporate all these features. Therefore, consider adding images on your printed marquees that match your products and services.

  • Feel free to ask for help

If you still feel that your printed marquee is not perfect for your big day, consider asking for help from professionals who print marquees. They will ensure they make your printed marquee perfect for your forthcoming event. This way, you will be investing in a printed marquee that will meet the needs of your business.

Order a custom printed marquee to help you reach out to many customers during a business event, and boost your company’s presence in any conference, expo, or business fair that you join.





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