The brief for this project was to create a luxurious, architecturally built home for professional couple and their adult children, who currently attend university. 

The house was spilt in into three wings - children, parent and a common area which is in the centre of the house. As part of the design brief, this "spilt" in the floor plan enabled privacy between the family members, but also to allowed them to come together in the heart of the home.

The ability to entertain was also a big request, as both the parents and children have active social lives. This was enabled through considering the large floor plan to ensure flow between the kitchen, dining and outdoor area, while still allowing the sitting area to be a relativity quiet room for more intimate conversations.










    • New build
    • Design concept development
    • Space planning
    • Interior design
    • Kitchen design
    • Bathroom design
    • Project management
    • Furniture and finishes selection
    • Installation and styling