Create a bold first impression for your home

First impressions are everything, and when you apply this concept to a building (residential or commercial), the front door is the key, as it represents entry, welcomes visitors, and stands out to those who are passing by - like a smile on your face, your front door can be the most cheerful element of the exterior of your home or business.

This is reinforced by Jade Adams from Spilt Milk Lifestyle and Interiors, who says having a bright and bold front door "creates a point of difference, point of interest and an invaluable first impression".

The front door is also often only thought of only in functional terms, but is the one area where you can be bold in your colour choice, whether it's the deepest back such as Porter's Aniseed, or a vibrant bright such as Porter's Breakwater.

One of the more famous coloured door in Orange, belong to the Corner Store Gallery, which features a new colour each year. The following is from Madeline Holborow, owner of the gallery -

"I'm a colour lover, and I have a very short attention span so just to keep me sane I like to change the colour of the gallery door every year for a fresh start. When we first opened in 2014 the door was a lovely deep burnt orange colour to match the berries growing on the trees in Autumn Street outside, it was almost an exact match. In 2015 I went with a beautiful dusty aqua blue colour. I couldn't quiet find the blue I had in my head so I mixed my own from house paints. I wanted the blue to be the sane as a really hot Summer sky with bush fires burning somewhere close to give it that slightly dirty colour. People loved that colour and I got comments and compliments all the time. This year I wanted something quiet different and went with a salmon, peachy pink colour. I like to go with the opposite end of the colour spectrum from year to year to attract a but more attention from people passing by. Painting your house is a massive undertaking. Making a statement with a coloured door is easy and effective. It's nice for making a change too."

Designer Crystal Amesbury says "painting your front door a bold colour can easily be likened to wearing a bold lipstick - it can be daunting a first but there's no denying how confident you feel once it's on. Show your colourful side (everyone has one) and let the door into your home give a peak into your creative heart - and hey, it's just paint."

Once your door is standing out and looking amazing in its new skin, this colour scheme can then be continued inside the home too.