Avant-garde Australian home, designed with a monochrome palette.

In this, One x One's first house tour, we look at an out of the box Queensland home designed with a monochrome palette and a sophisticated edge.

In a “designer’s dream” brief, interior designer James Dawson was given plenty of creative freedom to create a space that not only was his client thrilled with, but he also scored a win in the Australian Interior Design Awards 2014.

The brief was to transform this tired 3 bedroom rental into a chic, sophisticated, and bespoke home, while ensuring it stayed functional for daily living. Placed perfectly in a picturesque location overlooking a marina, this Queensland apartment had the advantage of plenty of natural light, a detail that was taken advantage of by installing sheer curtains through-out. The installation of these sheer curtains, also allowed for the apartment to feel larger, something Dawson had to be mindful of through-out his process, due to the large amount of black used.

As mentioned above, creating space was a high consideration in the design of this apartment. Some of the other materials used to create this illusion of space feature in the kitchen, such as the mirrored island and the floor to ceiling cabinetry, which maximised storage and created a streamlined effect.

Gold accessories and details were also used in the design of the home to create an elegant feel, which can be seen in the pendant lights in the kitchen and small accessories that call the round coffee table home.

One of the largest considerations Dawson had to keep in the forefront will designing this space was ensuring the monochromatic colour scheme did not become too harsh, which he achieved by installing furnishings and décor which featured texture and detail, softening the space.

One of my favourite details featured in the apartment is located in an area not often considered as a space to draw attention to – the ceiling. As you can see in the image below, the kitchen features an Art Deco inspired wallpaper, which was custom designed and hand-drawn directly on the ceiling by Dawson, a process which took 16 hours.

It just goes to show that in design, even the small details count.