As Published In OCL - Kitchens: The Heart Of The Home

Kitchens are the heart of our homes, they have become so much more than just a place to cook so deciding to renovate can be an exciting time. But with so many decisions to be made, it can be easy to go astray from your original vision. So, here are a few of the most common errors I find so you can avoid them.

Mistake one is rushing. Yes, it’s exciting to be installing a new kitchen, but poor planning and hurrying through the design process is the number one reason behind most kitchen renovation disasters. Take your time, an investment such as a kitchen should be thoughtfully considered. You want to select and order your appliances well in advance and be aware that it takes time to refine the details of your functionality and aesthetics.

Secondly; settling for inferior hardware. Good quality hardware is normally the first to be cut when budget constraints arise. But, this can be a false economy in the long run as features like these can make a huge difference to your kitchen's functionality, especially if you enjoy cooking. Take the corner cabinet, for example, most of us have experienced them and they are terrible for creating wasted space. Well, an alternative to the corner door is the corner drawer. This simple upgrade completely eliminates those dead corners by allowing ease of access, well worth the investment.

The next mistake and this is very common is forgetting the practical considerations. People often get caught up in the aesthetics of their new kitchen that they forget about the functionality. Functionality should always be first, design second. Ask yourself some simple questions, how many people will be in the kitchen at once? How tall are the users? Will your bench space be multi-functional, with kids doing homework and the parent cooking? What do you love/hate about your current kitchen? All important considerations and something we go over in detail when you work with us.

Your style. Lock it down before you start. You may have found the most stunning tiles at the showroom, but if they don’t compliment the style of the pieces you already have in the house, you need to stop. Considering your style before you go shopping can save any heartache down the track. I recommend arming yourself with a mood board of the colours and finishing you’ll be working with to make sure your new choices blend well.

Finally, think about your lighting and don’t be swayed by a pretty pendant that doesn’t actually emit enough light. There is nothing more annoying than shadows when you’re cutting vegetables or stirring a pot, not to mention it’s also dangerous. Think about where you need your lighting in relation to your cooking, washing and prep zones and then select the appropriate fittings. Another way to boost visibility is by adding lighting under your benchtop.

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