As Published in OCL - Creating The Perfect Layout For Your Living Space

Your furniture layout, especially when it comes to your living areas can make or break the functionality of your space. Regardless of the style you're trying to achieve, these three points on how to arrange your room will help create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space for you and your family.

Firstly, create a focal point. Your focal point can be anything, from a lounge to a work or art, but should be a striking feature that draws the eye. This focal point then creates a strong foundation for you to build your room around.

In the open-plan living room pictured here, a large and dramatic rug has been used, due to its bold pop of magenta, it instantly becomes the focal point. The space has then been balanced through the use of a muted colour palette, complimentary dusty pink cushions and an overall contemporary design.

Next, anchor your space with an L-shaped lounge and let’s face it most of the houses in the Central West are large enough to accommodate one. These lounges can not only be luxurious and indulgent by providing enough space for the tallest person to stretch out, they also place an invisible frame around your room, creating a “zone”.

When it comes to upholstery, I tend to recommend neutral fabrics or leathers as a base, this then allows you to add pops of colour and warmth through your soft furnishings. This also has the added benefit of not having a huge associated cost when your taste evolves and you want to update your palette.

Finally, float your furniture. Most people are tempted (and I see it all the time) to follow the walls of the room and push their furniture hard against. Stop. Don’t. Your space will look larger and significantly better if your key pieces “float” as shown in the layout below. It’s just a matter of careful planning and/or calling on the experts when needed. For help with your next design, build or renovation project visit our contact page.