Elevating Your Home's Functionality & Aesthetics With Joinery

There’s no arguing that built in joinery is one of the most fundamental design factors when considering the interior of your house or office, not only for your kitchen but for other key areas too. Storage plays such an important role and having well-considered storage solutions can elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of any room.

As an interior design studio known for specialising in functional and beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, joinery is, of course, a huge part of our work and here we are going to explore it further…

The Living Room

Having become more informal with the increase in open-plan living, the joinery in the living room needs to solve a variety of different storage issues. From televisions, to hanging cords, to the cornucopia of childrens' toys that (in some households) litter the floor, consider if you want to see these items or give them a home.

Take this living space from our Heritage Revival project which features a full wall unit. The joinery is a combination of open shelving and hidden storage, allowing for treasures to be displayed and less desirable items such as cords to be concealed. Another consideration of this design has been the television, notice that it is front and centre yet blends into the wall due to the clever installation of charcoal grasscloth wallpaper.

One x One Interiors Heritage Revival_joinery blog

The Kitchen

The heart of the home, the kitchen. The design of this space should find the perfect balance between what is on show and what is hidden, so having considered storage can make your time in this space a dream.

Also, keep in mind that your joinery doesn’t have to have only one function – take this kitchen from our Modern Farmhouse project which blends traditional shaker cabinets with modern solutions, such as the dining table. Traditionally a separate piece, the dining table in this space has been integrated into the island, providing a multifunctional solution for eating, food preparation, and good conversion.

One x One Interiors Modern Farm House_joinery blog.jpg

The Bathroom

Once these rooms were spaces that had hardly enough storage for one person let alone a family, but today, bathroom joinery has become as sophisticated as those we see in the kitchen. Consider medicine cabinets, they not only allow you to store those everyday items but, if mirrored they also give the illusion of space while being multifunctional for personal grooming. Vanities too are now more commonly raised off the ground and where space allows, multiple sinks are provided.

Clever design solutions and joinery will always have a place in solving your individual needs, so to get started on your next project, big or small, contact us.