What to Consider When Planning Your New Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen can be a daunting task; there are countless options to consider which can leave you drowning in design ideas and have no idea where to start.

Well, in the early stages of any kitchen design it is critical to think about functionality by considering what you need from your kitchen, rather than only focusing on the “look”. Sometimes the most beautiful kitchens, end up being a design disaster because more focus was put on the facade, and less on the functionality.

The first thing to consider is what works well (and not so much) in your current kitchen, think about how you cook; do you mainly use your cooktop or do you favour your oven? If you favour your cooktop you may want to consider a 900m. How does the rest of the family interact with the kitchen? Is it used as a homework station for the children, if so will you need the sink at one end of the island so that the other end is free for activities?

Location should also be considered in regards to your living and dining areas, as well as your outdoor space. This should be fairly straight forward if you are in the early planning stage of building a new house, but if not and you have the opportunity to re-design the layout of your existing kitchen, spend the time thinking about how you and your family move within the space, and how you can make your life easier when cooking and entertaining.

Plan your storage! There is nothing worse than spending countless afternoons re-organising cupboards because of bad planning. Nowadays, cabinet hardware and internal drawers can eliminate that “dead corner” and allow you to make the most of your space, so consider how much room you will need for everything from glasses to pots and pans to your Tupperware (and how much your collection will grow in the next 5+ years).

Finally, a successful kitchen design will only be as good as the research carried out before the design begins. So plan, plan, plan.

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