As Published In OCL - Design Trends 2018  Image Credit: Phillip Li, Farrow & Ball, Home By Tribal, F3 Studio Image Credit: Phillip Li, Farrow & Ball, Home By Tribal, F3 Studio

What’s next in design? Well, in a constantly evolving world it seems that are interiors are taking a backward step to finding our roots. Here’s what to keep an eye out for in 2018.


Over the last few years, we have seen an abundance of warm and earthy colours such as terracotta and dusty pinks. This colour trend will be continuing into 2018 through tones of sienna, tan, terracotta through to stronger rust tones – and not just in paint, but also in our furniture and accent pieces.

Popular accent colours of forest and emerald green have continued and a new colour trend has emerged in tonal reds, so not just one red, but varying reds of cherry, mahogany, and rose.

Another colour of the moment in the world of design (and fashion too) is Millennial Pink which is not just one colour, but a range of pink shades that varies from blush to salmon. Thought to have been sparked by Pantone’s joint colour of the year in 2016, Millennial Pink is everywhere and have featured heavily at some of the recent design trade fairs.

Modern Tribals

Using tribal influences in interiors is nothing new, but this style has gained momentum due to our lives become more hectic, sparking a desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life.

Linen and cushions that feature traditional patterns, diamond-shaped Ourain rugs, animal skulls, and heavily contrasted photography of tribes’ people are some of the decorative items coming from this trend. Modern Tribal seems to be a lasting style as we strive to create authenticity and a respect for handcrafted elements.


Marble and marble-look stone continue to be the preferred benchtop materials, however, we are moving away from heavily veined stone and to a more discrete appearance. The size of the benchtops has also changed, gone are the heavy 50mm slabs in favour of 10-20mm benchtops for a sleek and minimalist appearance – which again is in response to wanting the reduce the amount of “noise” in our lives.

All black kitchens are also becoming very popular and look fantastic when styled with indoor plants. It’s not just the benchtops and cabinetry either, black is being used in metals, tapware and sinks.

Curved Furniture

Focusing on smooth, uninterrupted lines, many furniture designers are now showcasing comfort in 2018 through low and puffy shapes. Mostly referencing the 1950’s, these shapes go perfectly with the colour palette this season and work beautifully with luxurious velvet fabrics.

The comeback of natural materials and curvy shapes has been welcomed by many and although styles change and evolve, this one will likely stick around because of its enticing nature.

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