As Published In OCL - Picking The right Colour Scheme For Your Federation House

Kite, Summer, Byng, Lords. All four (amongst others) are iconic in Orange for their beautiful federation homes, and for good reason - who can resist those timeless, character-rich original features? But due to their age, they do require a fair bit of TLC and this usually means regular painting. The question is should you keep to the heritage defined colours to respect the home’s past or select a more contemporary scheme to bring it into the 21st Century?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that houses of historical significance can be protected by a heritage overlay which restricts what changes you can make to the façade and structure of the house, including paint colours. To find out which category your property falls under contact council.

The good news is many paint companies, including Dulux, have made the decision-making process much easier by supplying a heritage range that has pre-approval. However, this range still includes over 90 colours to choose from, so it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a designer.

If your federation house features a red brick or terracotta tile roof, you need to be careful with neutrals colours, especially if your goal is to create a contemporary look. For example, Dulux Lime White has a yellow undertone, this against the red brick or tile will enhance the yellow giving you a more dated effect. My tip, aim for a colour with a beige undertone or more powerful colours such as navy.

A light grey roof is even easier to colour match, but remember that colours can vary depending on the light, so before you commit to a 50L bucket of paint purchase a sample pot and paint two coats on a 1m x 1m patch. It’s also worth mentioning that pollution, dirt, and cobwebs are much more obvious on lighter tones so take this into account when choosing colours.

For those beautifully rendered federation homes, consider going for a clean and crisp look by applying white on white. To achieve this, choose one shade of white for the main body of the house and a white with a slight variation for the trim, just be sure to select whites with complimentary undertones to avoid any eyesores.

Finally, repainting your federation home is a delicate balance between making the features stand out elegantly without picking out every detail – when you highlight everything, you highlight nothing. For help with your new colour scheme or renovation project contact us.