Kitchens & Bathrooms

Our extensive experience on kitchen and bathroom upgrades ensures your end result is beautiful, functional and a joy spend time in.


From small renovations to large extensions or replanning your entire layout. We can develop a solution that will suit you and your family for years to come.


We are skilled at developing planning documents. Providing conceptual plans to guide the future growth of your investment property, home or office.


We know a successful project comes from effective communication. So, when required, we partner with architects, builders, landscapers, drafters and other consultants to achieve cohesive and beautiful results.


Our experience in commercial upgrades covers many areas. Corporate offices, hospitality venues and boutique hotels. Our approach? Understanding your business and brand to create a unique experience.


We understand the importance of conserving our heritage architecture. So, during the planning stage we we ensure any upgrades are sympathetic the buildings original charm.

Decorating & Styling

Our interior decorating service covers all your soft furnishings and pretty things. We provide window furnishings or sourcing that perfect one-off. We also offer full scale decorating to transform your whole house or venue


Our expertise also extends to the exterior. This allows us to consider the buildings architecture as a whole. We can assist with the selection of colours and materials and provide advice on maximising light and air.


Looking for advice on your properties potential or someone to bounce ideas off? Our brains are available for the picking at an hourly rate.